What is SEO.

what is seo

If you’re running a business website, you’ve probably heard about it, you have been told you need it and have also been approached by lots of people offering it – but what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is a way of getting your website into shape. Making your website compliant with search engine guidelines, ensuring your website has the best possible user experience for any visitor. It’s not about gaming an algorithm, or manipulating a website to rank in search results for things it really isn’t about.

Real SEO is about understanding your target audience and building a website that will cater for their needs. Creating a portal that search engines feel confident about and one that they will feel proud to show at number one in their search results.

It’s not all about the volume

Lots of successful websites operate on quality rather than volume of traffic. If you have quality traffic coming into your website, your target audience, that means sales and visitors who will spend time on your website and also spread the word. Many SEO companies will sell their services on the back of increasing your website traffic, it’s smoke and mirrors.

If you’re hiring an SEO, get one that talks about raising the profile of your brand, getting your website compliant, targeting your market and building authority around what you do.

If you have a huge amount of traffic coming into your website and not engaging, leaving after 10 seconds – it’s worthless. If you’re starting out with SEO, think about increasing the quality of your web traffic rather than looking at numbers. If you do that, quality traffic will naturally bring in the numbers that reflect the market you’re working in.

How do I rank on page one of Google

Stick to what you know best. If you have built a website, it’s a pretty sure thing you know a bit about what you’re offering – focus on that. If you’re selling running shoes online, talk about it. Get social about it. Start writing around subjects that involve your product. Focus on the different brands within your market, what’s good or bad about them.

Take time, don’t cut corners, show your authority. SEO is full of moving parts, grasp them and focus on what you do.

Need advice on SEO?

If you’re serious about your business website, you will need to work on your SEO to succeed. Our advice would be to bring in a pro, but the right kind. We are always here to answer questions and offer advice, but we can also help you with selecting the right SEO service. It can be daunting when selecting an SEO individual or company to handle your website in search.

Here at Pimp, we can suggest reputable companies that suit your market, we can also be the point of contact for any SEO work, making sure everything is being done in the right manner.

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