The importance of conversion.

By Posted in - SEO on July 8th, 2017 The importance of conversion

Sometimes we need reminding about the importance of converting traffic, really we do. It seems in the tide of analytics and targets, conversion can often be swept away by volume and noise in an ambiguous report sent through from a shifty SEO.

Let’s not kid ourselves, there is a very lucrative online advertising industry thriving on volume and UMVs, how many visitors can be rounded up and driven like wild horses to you website, galloping through your pages without a care in the world. Which, in the world of vanity figures and back slapping is all well and good, or is it?

I know there will be a few, no in fact many who will quaff at the headline of this post.

‘How on earth does anyone forget about conversion when dealing with web traffic? He’s mad!’

But as Manfred Man once sang, many are indeed:

‘Blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night’

Tantalised with the notion of bulging Google Analytic visitor figures, a whopping big graph spike to show their friends, people buy into numbers which has to be worth the money right? – right?


Focus on quality web traffic

If you keep your eye on quality rather than volume, you are giving your website a much better chance of online success.

Understand the customer you want, a visitor who is looking to purchase a product or service. Know what they need and why they are considering you.

Drill right down on search terms that these potential new customers will be using in search engines. If you’re offering a niche service or product, you may well wire into your quality traffic through long tail searches or questions.

Think quality rather than volume and be a winner.