Starting an online business.

By Posted in - Business & SEO on October 21st, 2017 SEO for a new website

So you’ve decided to start your own online business. You have a brilliant idea that is going to bring in that money! 

Your business plan is written out and you have enough funding to get everything up and running, great! Now all you need is a website. Luckily you know a friend of a friend who designs websites and has offered to build your business website at an affordable rate.

You have a few meetings with her and she starts building a wonderful website, you chip in a few ideas, give her some copy and images.

It looks amazing! Who wouldn’t want to visit this website, who wouldn’t be impressed with the visuals that have been created – let’s go!

We fast forward a few months, and your beautiful website still looks beautiful, however you have not had one sale or any interest. What’s happening?

Before you start out with any venture online, your first consideration should be – how will people find me.

Think SEO

Even before you have started building your website, you should research your online competition, what searches people will use to find your services or product. Only when you’re fully confident that you have that information, should you start building your business website.

Your SEO strategy has to be one of the first building blocks of your website, all the design can be built on top. Know where your traffic will be entering your website, be aware that your website needs to be an authority on what it does, reflect that in the pages and copy.

As an SEO, I always work with designers on new builds from the start. Just like building a new home, you need to know what rooms are going where, how they will be accessed and making sure it’s built on solid foundations so it will stand the test of time.

We see so many wonderful websites which have had lots of money spent on design, sitting out in the wilds of search and not performing.

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