A few free SEO tools you should really check out.

By Posted in - SEO on June 1st, 2017 Free SEO Tools

Here at Pimp we thought it would be worthwhile to put together a small list of very handy (and free) SEO tools you should be using to get the best out of your website. Some of you might already be using them, but for those in the wilderness, come on in, pull up a seat and check out the below offerings:

Majestic SEO

Majestic claim to be ‘The planet’s largest Link Index database’ and hey, who are we to argue. We have been using Majestic for a long time now. Find out what backlinks your website has, what domains are linking to you, backlink history and much more. There is a free option, so you can dive right in but there is a limit on how much you can use on a daily basis and also with amount of results. But the free option is enough to get an insight into what Majestic can offer.


Another great way to see what backlinks your website has, but wait, there’s more. You can take an overview of your Organic traffic and you can see data on your most popular keywords. There is plenty of data on offer here. Again like Majestic there is a cap on free usage, but you can gain a valuable insight into your website traffic and links.


This is a wonderful little tool to get data on your website, see how it’s doing socially and receive valuable information about your website standing. The free option gives you lots of data, there is also an option to get further information through a paid version. Get nibbling!

Test My Website (Google)

Making sure your website is mobile compliant is essential for search. This offering from Google is a great way to test load speeds and to see if your website passes the crucial mobile tests. They will also send you a free web report.

The Google Webmasters Blog

Okay, not an SEO tool, but a vital resource to keep on top of any new guidelines Google are setting out in search, help and hints that relate to SEO and just a good place to visit at least a few times a month. Go take a read.


Noticed a change in your search rankings? Check out if there are possible updates happening to the Google algorithm with the MozCast tool, which is totally free to use.


So there you go, a few handy tools to be getting on with. I’m sure we will get around to posting another list, but for now if you know of any other free tools, please post in the comments below.