Google Search Algorithm August Update.

By Posted in - SEO on August 11th, 2018 Google Search Algorithm August Update

Have you seen fluctuations in your search rankings, dropped a few pages or perhaps gained a few? Did your traffic drop out this month? Well if you have experienced any significant Google search ranking movement, the cause is likely something to do with the broad core algorithm update Google have rolled out this month (confirmed on Twitter below)

Now, although Google always claim to push out updates of some kind each day across search, you can bet when they officially announce it across their social media platforms it is a lot bigger and more influential than a standard algorithm update.

A few days ago, Danny Sullivan, the new face and liaison for Google confirmed to Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable the roll-out was complete

If you have seen any negative results in traffic or rankings we always advise to hang fire for at least a few weeks before diving into your website and making changes. We are still seeing some fluctuations across search, and we think adjustments to the initial push are still being done.

The chatter around the SEO communities seems to identify the Health sector as the main area for this update.