Free SEO Advice.

We’re here to help and by offering free SEO advice to people needing help with search issues, we hope that we can assist at least a few businesses to be successful seo advice

We do need to point out that our advice is often limited due to the fact we don’t have full visibility on your analytics or SEO history. It is also your choice to implement any advice given, we take no responsibility for loss.

That said, if you do wish to engage our services on a one off basis or in an ongoing advisory position, we will then review your situation and website in depth. Check out more details on our consultancy services 

As well as getting free SEO guidance and advice from us, there is lots of great resource around the web to help you figure out possible reasons for SEO issues. We have written a blog post covering some of the great free tools, it’s worth a few minutes of your time to have a read and check them out: A few SEO tools you should really check out

Advice on search engine rankings

We receive lots of questions around ranking movement, mainly across Google. It’s true, that waking up in the morning and seeing your website has dropped a few pages can be alarming. However, it’s not always the case that it is a problem. Google updates its algorithm lots!

Sometimes they are small changes and improvements, and whilst they are running the changes it can cause flux in search results, commonly know as the ‘Google Dance’.

Our advice is to monitor your rankings over roughly a period of a week to see if they continue to move around. Sit it out for a short while before any knee jerk changes to your website and SEO strategy.  A great way to see if there has been an update is to use some of the free search engine fluctuation tools.

These are by no means foolproof, but if they are all indicating some kind of flux, it’s a solid way to see if Google are currently rolling out or testing an update across the algorithm.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

No question is stupid! Everyone has different levels of knowledge around SEO, some website owners have absolutely none. No matter how simple the question may seem, if you don’t know, just pop us a message and ask, we will do our best to help. Head over and ask our experts an SEO question.

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