How far should you go with your SEO?.

By Posted in - SEO on June 22nd, 2017 Get free seo advice

Running a small business or possibly do you own a really big business? Whatever your situation, the question remains the same when it comes to the SEO of your business website.

If you’re just starting to implement SEO, how long will it be until you start first seeing a return on the efforts? Will there be a point when you hit a ceiling and SEO is no longer needed for your website?

A good SEO company will give you a guide on timescales, they should also explain that there are short and long term goals, but the truth of the matter is your SEO will be ongoing.

A successful website isn’t a fluke, behind the scenes people are working hard to make it work in search, producing quality content and ensuring visitors have the best experience possible. You should always be looking to grow the authority of your website, there is no cap on that, and you can never have too much authority around what you do.

We often get asked, ‘would 6 months of SEO be enough for my website?’

Each website is a different case, would 6 months of SEO work be useful for a new website? – Sure it would.

It would help it get setup in the right manner, have an onsite SEO audit, get everything in order, produce some quality content, get up and running with social connections and bring in some backlinks.  

Would 6 months of SEO work be useful for an underperforming established website? – Absolutely.

The website could have a good overhaul in terms of old copy, broken links, page copy and a full check to see if the website is under a penalty, plus much more.

However, if you’re thinking long term for your website (who doesn’t) and you want to rank across competitive markets in search, you have to stop thinking about how long you should run your SEO, and nail it down on the ‘must have’ list.

As long as your business website is running, you should have SEO work in place, either done by yourself or using an SEO service. SEO encompasses so much: content, links, branding, social, technical and competitor analysis to name a few.

So, how far do you go with your SEO? There is no stock answer, but there are guides, dependant on what you want out of it.

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