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About us

We’re a small group of seasoned SEO consultants who all have varied experience across a number of sectors. We setup a free advice service because there is no bridge for anyone who has a business website to get some initial help before they commit to an SEO service. We’re here to help.

Did we help you?

We help lots of people with SEO related problems, did we help you? Of course our SEO advice is totally free but it’s always nice to create an avenue for people to show their appreciation. You can drop us any amount you desire, buy us a coffee, buy us a really fast car – the choice is yours! Simply click on the Paypal icon and help us keep running our service.

Consultancy services

Our free SEO advice is based on a fair usage policy, we need to put that in place to deter people from abusing the service. We are happy to resolve issues for free, however if we are getting regular problems coming through from the same person, we do have to drop a cap on it.

However, for people looking for an expert to be on hand on a regular basis we can offer that service for an agreed price. Have a chat to us about a monthly retainer, our prices won’t shock you.